Donatillo Restaurant
Sine the eighties, Donatillo’s restaurant satisfied its customers through its food options, which brought Italian tastes to American homes in Seattle, Washington. From the beginning, Donatillo relied on old fashioned marketing campaigns (broachers, billboard and supporting local events to promote their convenient, authentic and high quality food recipes

Authenticity with great options of Italian recipes, ingredients and preparation 
that comes directly from Italian homes. 
Convenience-their target market enjoyed the cheap prices, and was willing to pay 
few more dollars for high quality products.

The Problem Their main target market is getting smaller because many of the young professional American who livednear Bellevue (location of Donatillo) are now retired or about to and moving to Florida and other places outside of Seattle. So every year, their target market is becoming less substantial. 
Alesandro Vicitie -Donatillo CEO- contacted you and asked for your help to do the following:

Help Donatillo find a new attractive segment.

Design an advertising campaign for them.

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