Market Segmentation of Kitkat

Nestle KitKat Cross-platform mobile app The Challenge Nestle is one of the world’s leading FMCG manufacturers. Kit Kat is Nestle’s leading confectionary brand and the UK’s favourite chocolate biscuit bar. Our Strategy Our aim was to create an extension to Kit Kat’s YouTube channel for the smart phone user. The brief was to create an experience which utilises the unique functionality that mobile provides, and Users are asked what mood they are in, and a selection of videos is presented to them.
The topics range from a tutorial on how to body pop, or a clip of a Kit Kat advert from the archive. At the end of the video the user is returned to the app to be able to view more inspiring videos and share with friends. Imano were asked to contribute to Kit Kat’s Shake & Break campaign, created by Skive, by delivering an app to run alongside their existing YouTube channel. The commissioned app was for both Android and iPhone platforms. ncourage the campaign to ‘go social’ through all digital channels. The goal of the Shake & Break app was to allow users to make the most out of their break times, in a fun way with Kit Kat. Our strategy was to create a seamless environment where they could engage with the selection of YouTube video choice to compliment the campaign. The Results Through an agile working approach the tight project deadlines were met and the app is now live in two Android market places and the app Store.
As retained Nestle agencies Imano and Skive have successfully worked together to push boundaries and evolve the mobile/social media marketing strategy that the brand will be adopting for the foreseeable future. For further information contact: Imano plc Tel: UK: 020 7632 6930 | www. imano. com | [email protected] com acrossair Tel: UK: 020 7632 6930 | www. acrossair. com

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