You have been designated to recruit and manage a high-performance team. There are five team members in all. Each of which is a highly skilled expert in their field. However, the team has one common goal and that is to expand your company’s influence in a highly competitive real estate market.

To your advantage, you have over 15 years experience leading and managing teams. To your disadvantage, each of your team members know far more about the industry than you do and they know it. Further, there is a particular team member who has a habit of dominating other members on the team. Her name is Samantha. She is the best of the best. And she knows it.

In what ways would you keep control of the team, yet provide enough autonomy to the team members to make strategic decisions?
Keep in mind that the responsibility of the success or failure of the team lands directly on you.
How will you build a climate of trust? How will you provide performance evaluation?
How might you institute a reward system?
How might you put in place an overall team structure? Fully explain.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with in-text citations and references in APA format.

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