Management Practice (Editing)

Need some editing to my assignment. Need it by 11 Jan 2020

This submission should include the following sections:
1) Executive Summary 
2) Table of content 
3) Introduction (100 words) – Identify any 1 HRM challenge and provide a general overview of it 
4) Background information on organisation (200 words) 
5) Research findings (2,500 words) 
– Present varying theoretical perspectives from at least 5 academic articles which are essential to the analysis of the topic 
– Present the interview findings. The contents should be focus on the findings of the interview in respect to HRM challenge identified. 
– The interview questions (min 8 questions) must be provided by you after you have done the literature review. More probing questions are encouraged if it helps to address deeper relevant scope.  
6) Relationship between management and academic literature (1,500 words)
 – Present insights, variances between the practice (Interview findings) vs what is claimed in evidence from theory (at least 5 academic articles)  
7) Recommendations (500 words)
8) Conclusions (100 words)
9) Appendix

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