WORDS: 1500,

Need to search all the articles from the given journals. the journals must need to be from 2014-2018 which are peer reviewed, articles must be selected from 5 journals at least from the given journals and also can use 2-3 more articles from relevant articles and journals.

————-0% PLAGARISM———————

The journal articles that you use in this assignment must come from these journals only.
Academy of  Management Annals
Academy of Management Review
Human Resource Management Review
International Business Review
International Journal of Human Resource Management
International Studies of Management and Organization
Journal of Business Strategy
Journal of Management and Organization
Journal of Management Inquiry
Journal of Management Studies
Journal of Operations Management
Journal of Service Management
Journal of World Business
Management International Review
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
Organizational Dynamics
Personnel Review
Research in Organizational Behavior
Strategic Organization
Work, Employment and Society

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