1. How does HRM affect all managers? Since a manager’s most valuable resource are the people who work in the organization, obtaining the right employees at the right time and placing them in the right places is essential for managerial success. To motivate, retain, and equip these employees for optimal performance, a manager must have knowledge and skill in human resource management. 2. Discuss the external environmental factors that most directly affect the HRM process. The external environmental factors that affect HR include economic conditions, unionization, the legal environment and demographic trends. . Should an employer have the right to choose employees without governmental interference? Support your conclusion. Student responses to this question will vary. This question provides an excellent vehicle for class debate. You might let half of the class take the perspective of supporting government legislation and regulations and the other half assume the position of opposing government legislation and regulations in this area. 4. Some critics claim that corporate HR departments have outlived their usefulness and are not there to help employees, but to keep the organization from legal problems.

What do you think? What benefits are there to having a formal HRM process? What drawbacks? Every organization must recognize the importance of legal and social responsibility as a corporate citizen in the community. As students learn in the study of this chapter, HRM is concerned with a wide spectrum of functions, and legal considerations are a part of each of these HR functions. A formal process helps to provide objective compliance with the law and promotes an attitude of fairness and respect for the rights and welfare of all employees.

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