Making healthcare in America available to everyone

Making healthcare in America available to everyone

You will be given a choice of topics. Read each topic carefully and choose the one on which you feel you can do your best writing.

Start planning your essay as soon as you have decided on your essay topic.

Organization of your essay is important. In general, the passing essay will have a central idea that is directly related to the assigned topic; have a clear organizational plan; develop points with evidence and details in a coherent, logical, and non-repetitious way; and avoid frequent or serious errors in grammar, mechanics, word choice, and sentence structure.

Allow yourself a little time at the end of your writing to check your paper and make any needed changes.

How effective is television in disseminating news? Explain.

How do you expect your college education to change the rest of your life? Discuss. 

What do you do to cope with stress?

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