Major Incident Case Analysis

Major Incident Case Analysis. The purpose of this assignment is to apply concepts reflected in the course text, discussions, and other literature sources you access to review and analyze an actual incident.

You will build your analysis over the duration of the course.  The first submission (Part 1) is your topic selection (Week 3), followed by Part 2 (described below) in Week 6, and the final completed analysis (described below) at the end of Week 8.  The final paper should be 8 – 10 pages long.  The Bow-Tie Model will serve as the basis for your analysis.    

As you develop your paper, use the following format and be sure to follow APA formatting guidelines.

Title Page: Case Analysis of the Fall of Humpty Dumpty (this is an example – insert your specific incident)

Abstract:  One paragraph on the second page; tells what the paper is about

Paper Sections

  • Introduction
  • Event Description
  • Risk Sources
  • Impact of the Event
  • Conclusions
  • Lessons Learned
  • Reference List

Part 1: Case Selection

Select the incident you want to analyze from the following:

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, 2013

Terrorism, natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic are excluded from this exercise.

Note:  Once you have selected your topic, you can get started on the case analysis at any time which will give you sufficient time to address the required elements.

Part 2: Event Description

Provide a brief introductory overview of the purpose of the case analysis and the components of the model used to conduct the analysis.

Review Figure 2.3 on page 33 of the text.  Use the “Category” section of the Bow Tie Model pictured to provide a description of the disruption (what was the incident) of the incident you selected.  Address this disruption and its impact on the following elements from the model as they relate to the event:

  1. People
  2. Premises
  3. Processes
  4. Products

Date Due: Submit Part 2 no later than midnight at the end of Week 6.

Part 3: Impact and Recommendations

Risk Sources: Continue developing the case analysis by turning your attention to the following Risk Sources listed in the Bow-Tie Model as they relate to the event:

  1. Strategic risks
  2. Tactical risks
  3. Operational risks
  4. Compliance risks

Impact of the Event: This section of the paper will discuss the impact of the event using the following topics:

  1. Financial
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Reputational
  4. Marketplace

Conclusions:  Summarize your analysis; include any recommendations you may develop. 

Significance:  Describe the “lessons learned” and implications for risk management.  Refer to the literature review as needed to compare to what others have used to address the same issue.

References: Include evidence from the literature or other sources in any section of your paper.

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