Magic Springs

Khiana Carr Professor Ansbro ENGL 1010 16 November 2012 Magic Springs Many family and friends love to visit and enjoy the many attractions and fun from amusements parks. Every state and city has at least one good loveable memory about it. The hot and enjoyable attraction in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the awesome water and amusement park Magic Springs and Crystal Falls. There are many activities to do in Hot Springs like the following: shopping area, cite seeing in the mountains, the spa, and more. Most people go to enjoy the exciting attractions of Magic Springs, a place the entire family could enjoy.
Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, Magic Springs for short, is a combination of an amusement park and water park all in one. Magic springs have everything for the family entertainment, including an Amphitheater for a variety of musical events and more. The park is open weekends from April through October and daily late-May through mid-August. The owner has really put in a lot of work to make the park what it is today. One can learn the history of Magic Springs, the many rides and thrilling descriptions there are, and many reviews from satisfied visitors.
For those who love Six Flags and Disney World would also love Magic Springs. Magic Springs opened around 1978 in July in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In the beginning the park was going through a quite bit of financial problems. The park was sold in the mid 1980 to a businessman by the name of Melvin Bell. Soon after the inventors had landed into a huge pile debt, then Bell was forced to close down the park in 1995. The park was up for sale in an auction and reopened in 2000 as Magic Springs and Crystal Falls.

The new management by CNL Lifestyle Properties and operation by Amusement Management Partners, LLC turned the park into an ongoing attraction for many. Ever since, Magic Springs has gotten innumerous visits from people all the country. Magic Springs is an amusement park offering a lot of attractions for the whole family, from fearless daredevil to the gentlest cat. There is a total of 20 rides throughout the park including the water rides. For the thrill seekers there are a good select few one would love to take for a ride. The top three amazing thrilling rides are the Gauntlet, the Hawk, and the Arkansas Twister.
The Gauntlet is a “eight-story drop into a whirling dervish of inverted loops and mind-blowing bends” (Magic Springs), it is a 2,2000 feet 50 mph ride that will for sure take anyone on the ride of their lives. The Hawk is a 70feet 13 rpm speed exciting twirling machine that will take a person to new heights. The ride has many loops and turns and even rotates360 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise throughout the ride it might even stop, while you hanging upside down! The Arkansas Twister is a wild 50 mph 3,300 feet heart pounding thrill.
It is a 90 feel drop rollercoaster with all the heart racing effects, “to experience Magic Springs, one must experience the Arkansas Twister” (Magic Springs). With accommodating all the thrill seekers of the world Magic Springs have rides for little children as well. The two most enjoyable kiddie rides are the Li’l Leapin’ Lizard and Looney Ballooney. The Li’l Leapin’ Lizard zooms into the air and gently returns to the ground, just enough excitement for the little ones. A ride that reaches the sky and beyond is what all the kids want to go on, all the kids love being in the spinning hot air balloon Looney Ballooney.
The park has many separate rides that ignite the fun in every member of the family, but there are a couple family rides everyone can enjoy together. The number one family favorite is the Old No. 2 Logging Company Log Flume. The ride takes off as it twists and turns into a water maze that ends with a splash of cooling water. Last but not least, the many water rides and pools. All the rides are loveable for every family member, which is what keeps the satisfied visitors coming back for more. The park has had many reviews and has been rated A+ by the BBB business review and more.
The happy visitors left wonderful reviews of Magic Springs. On satisfied customer said, “Me and my family enjoyed the water and the gospel concert held at the park that day. I plan to get the season family passes next year we had so much fun” (Trip advisor). “I live not too far from Hot Springs and have heard how cool it is to go, but finally made my way there with other friends and family. It was an awesome experience. There are plenty of areas for small children and plenty of rides adults are able to enjoy. My personal favorite was the Gaunlet, so much so I rode it twice. ” (Trip advisor).
The Gaunlet is the number one favorite of all rides at Magic Springs. “The park was VERY clean, the workers we encountered were friendly overall, and there were NO lines. We rode every ride that we wanted to at least once and many of them twice with no waiting. Every ride was up and running. We went to Crystal Falls after that to cool off and stayed until it closed at 6 pm. It was wonderful as well. Not crowded at all and a great variety of play/pool areas for all ages” (Trip advisor). “Love the rides, the music, the water and the water rides! Lots to do here. You can spends days and never get bored! (Trip advisor), it is very self-explanatory that the Magic Springs is a very enjoyable place for fun in the sun. In conclusion, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls have been recognized for family entertainment they have attracted people all over the country. Hot Springs have plenty of activities for any family member. Magic Springs have gotten a lot of good reviews and awards from the public. The water park is extraordinary the rides are full thrilling fun; the park is really a lot of fun in the sun. Including the Amphitheater, the amusement park has a lot of famous concert performances.
The new owners of Magic Springs and Crystal Falls have really turned out the new park for the best. All the heart racing roller coaster to the gentle carousel does well accommodating to the entire family. The many reviews and increasing number of visitors show that the Magic Springs will not be losing any business any time soon. Works Cited “Magic Springs and Crystal Falls – Hot Springs, Arkansas – combination family amusementpark and water park. ” www. city-data. com. 2012. 06 Nov. 2012. www. citydata. com/articles/Magic-Springs-and-Crystal-Falls-Hot. html “Magic Springs & Crystal Falls. Magic Springs & Crystal Falls. Web. Np. Nd. 06 Nov. 2012http://www. magicsprings. com “Magic Springs Water and Theme Park. ” – Hot Springs. Web. Np. Nd. 06 Nov. 2012http://www. arkansas. com/attractions/detail. aspx? id=23423. Magic Springs & Crystal Falls, Hot Springs. ” Magic Springs & Crystal Falls. N. p, n. d. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. http://www. tripadvisor. com/Attraction_Review-g60856-d274499Reviews-Magic_Spr ings_Crystal_Falls-Hot_Springs_Arkansas. html Going up up away Ready to ride. People in front ready for the Arkansas Twister to take off! my sister ready to swim. On the way tooooMagic Springs!!