Prepare  an offer to your classmates and post it by replying to this discussion  post.  The expectation here is rather simple, but feel free to make your  offer interesting as you see fit. The purpose here is to create a  fictitious example “offer” for your classmates to evaluate from a legal  standpoint to determine if the offer is actually an “offer” pursuant to  contract law, or merely an “invitation to negotiate.” based on our  reading. Don’t be afraid if you are not sure what an offer is when doing  this assignment. We will cover “offers” in further detail in chapter  12. The purpose of this assignment is to get you and your classmates  thinking about what what an offer really is from a legal standpoint.  After we discuss chapter 12, you may want to go back to this offer  discussion and reread some of the postings to see if you still think  they are offers or invitations to negotiate. 
Once you have posted your offer, review at least two other students’  offers in the class and determine if their posting is actually an offer  or a negotiation to make an offer and make a comment as to why you  believe it is an offer or an invitation to negotiate. 

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