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Ls module

Ls module.
By definition, security refers to ease and trust. C] People you can rely on & know what is expected in the future (or vice versa) 0 Have a better feeling of comfort and safety (or vice versa) e. G. More engagement In social / group activities 0 More trustworthy Friends; Family Relationship Secondly, another esteem builder Is Selfless. By definition, selfless means self-concept. D Acquire self-knowledge & a feeling of Individuality with accurate and realistic self-description C] e. G. Assistance to build up a better self- Image, Like exercise to build up a sharper boy shape; Explore uniqueness & talents
Thirdly, another esteem builder is Affiliation. Affiliation refers to belonging & connectedness. D Feeling approved of, appreciated, and respected by others C] Sense of belongingness and acceptance, particularly in relationships that are considered important L e. G. Communication skills for making friendships 0 Sense of acceptance; Assistance to integrate into community Fourthly, another esteem builder is Competence. Competence refers to Feeling of Success. C] Being aware of one’s own strengths, being able to accept personal weakness 0 Have a sense of success and accomplishment D e. G.
Assistance to find a suitable Job; Give positive comments & achievements; engagement In social & charitable activities Fifthly, last esteem builder is Mission. Mission refers to Purpose and Responsibility. D Set realistic and achievable goals and willing to take responsibility 0 Feeling of purpose and motivation in life 0 e. G. Assistance to set up achievable short term and long term goals 2. Measles Hierarchy of Needs proposed by Ram Moscow (Related to Module 5 Public Health) Hierarchy means arrangement of Items, so dissatisfaction of lower level hinders satisfaction of higher levels.

So dissatisfaction of lower level needs hinders recognition & satisfaction of higher level needs. The farther up the hierarchy one goes, the more individuality, humanness and psychological health one achieve. Level E. G. Food, drink, oxygen, sex, sleep, exercise, homeostasis(stable internal environment), excretion Level two is the safety and security needs. It refers to needs for long-term survival and stability. E. G. Property, health, family, resources, employment, law and order, predictability, body, structure, stability, freedom from threatening forces such as illness, fear and chaos
Level three is the belongingness and love needs. It refers to affiliation and acceptance. E. G. Friendship, family, sexual intimacy, affectionate relations with others. Level Four is the Self-esteem needs. It refers to achievement and recognition. E. G. Desire for competence, confidence, achievement, independence, freedom, and respect from others, like desire for prestige, recognition, reputation, status, appreciation and acceptance. Level Five is the self-actualization. It refers to full development of one’s potentials.
E. G. Morality, creativity, spontaneity, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts, problems- loving Elaboration: (More like the effects or impact of something) Issue 0 Physiological needs, the lowest level not satisfied 0 Principle of Hierarchy: Dissatisfaction of low level hinder satisfaction of higher level 0 Cannot reach higher level of needs, namely the 4 higher levels 0 Mention the highest level 0 Less individuality, humanness and psychological health [Commonly seen in Less Developed Countries, like Africa.

Ls module

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