Low Employee Morale and its effect on Firms

Low Employee Morale and its effect on Firms. Employee retention remains a critical issue for organizations and managers: the costs associated with recruiting, selecting, and training new employees often exceed 100% of the annual salary for the position being filled (Cascio, 2006), and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national annual voluntary quit rate in the United States typically approaches 25%.

The direct costs, work disruptions, and losses of organizational memory and seasoned mentors associated with turnover are significant issues. Many organizations are also increasingly concerned about their ability to retain key employees (e.g., high performers and employees with high-demand or difficult-to-replace skill sets).

Literature Review

Literature Review – The literature search and review requires you to read scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles that discuss the problem you are studying or topics related to the problem and then write a report describing what you found. The literature review helps you:

Low Employee Morale

understand a problem more thoroughly by learning what researchers and other experts have discovered about the same or a similar problem
identify possible solutions for the problem
improve your critical thinking skills by requiring you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the studies you are reviewing
improve your writing skills by summarizing and explaining to the reader the contents and value of the studies you are reviewing.
The literature review requires that you absorb the published information you find and explain it to a reader who has not read the articles. At least ten sources must be cited in the literature review, and at least three of these sources need to be formal research articles.

The literature review is NOT a series of quotations tied together with a sentence of your own here and there. You should use your own words to explain the major themes found in the literature, and you should use quotations only to strengthen and emphasize your explanations.

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