Literature Review and Meta-analysis of Article

Literature Review and Meta-analysis of Article. A study (can be qualitative or quantitative)- where the authors of the article actually carried out a study with a stated methodology, collected data, and analyzed the data to reach a conclusion about a specific study question. A literature review- where the authors of the article search the existing journal articles and studies about a specific topic and write a comprehensive review about the topic- but do not actually carry out a study and/or collect data. A meta-analysis- where the authors of the article combine the results of several high-quality articles that used similar methods to collect and analyze data into one summary statistic- starts with a literature review, but goes a step further by doing data analysis of the data and outcomes from other studies.

Literature Review and Meta-analysis


students have stated that they sometimes don’t feel truly comfortable with the differences between these three types of articles. They all have different formats, purposes, and types of information, so it’s important that we can establish the core differences early in the semester so you know what to look for moving forward. In chapter 7, you will learn about numbers 2 and 3 (for more information, you can check out this article: Systematic Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).

For this assignment, you must write a 5 paragraph essay (1,000 – 1,250 words) (in APA format) with the following:

1. Pick ONE broad topic within healthcare (examples: cancer, Medicare, anxiety, pregnancy, health information technology, nutrition, physical therapy, etc.).

2. Find ONE peer-reviewed article in EACH of the above three article types about your topic (so three articles total- one study article, one literature review article, one meta analysis article).

3. For each article, write a paragraph for each article that addresses the following three points:

Purpose of the article (for the study, tell me if it’s qualitative or quantitative)
Format of the article (i.e. length, subheadings, etc.)
What did you learn about your topic from this kind of article?
4. Finally, in one paragraph for each bullet, address the following:

Which article seems the most informative about your topic overall?
Which article was easiest to read? Which was the most difficult?
Your paper should be a total of 5 paragraphs (1,000 – 1,250 words).

Use the following headings to guide the reader:


Literature Review


Most Informative

Ease of Reading

How will you know which article is which type? Studies usually have specific sections for methodology (i.e. where they explain what they did in detail) and data collection/analysis. Literature review articles usually do not have a methodology or, if they do, their methodology consists only of the guidelines they followed to find the articles they used. Meta analysis articles do have methodology and data analysis sections, but they describe which existing articles they used (kind of like a literature review). An even better indicator: most literature review and meta analysis articles will have the terms "literature review" or "meta-analysis" somewhere in the title or abstract- read carefully!

The three journal articles you select do not have to be exactly on the same precise topic, as long as they fit under the same broad umbrella (for example, if you pick health information technology, you can have one article about EMR, one about CPOE, and one about costs of technology adoption- different threads within the broad topic area of health information technology). Be sure to find all three articles you will use before you start writing so you don’t waste any time if you have to switch topics

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