Literature review

Type of
Assessment: Assessment 2 – Literature review
Unit Learning
(a) Demonstrate an advanced ability to initiate and prepare
an original research proposal.
(b) Demonstrate an advanced ability to prepare a literature
review based on the support of an original research
(c) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the ethical issues
associated with an original research proposal and their
implications for the research and the acceptability of the
research by an ethics review committee.
(d) Critically evaluate the coherence, relevance and
methodological merits of a given body of literature.
(e) Demonstrate a critical understanding of the theoretical,
practical and professional contexts and significance of the
Prepare a literature review that identifies and
discriminates between concepts, issues, key findings and
relevant theories most pertinent to the research proposal
which the review supports.
Criteria for
• Knowledge and Understanding
• Content and exploration of theories and ideas
• Analysis, synthesis and critical engagement
• Technical skills and referencing
Assessment Task:
Students will submit a literature review for their chosen project
Your review should be shaped by your argument and should
seek to establish your theoretical orientation, along with your
methodological choices. Your review needs to conclude with
what you have demonstrated as a ‘need for research’ in the area.
This literature review needs to be organized with sub-headers in
a meaningful manner based on your topic. The language used in
a literature review is often evaluative and demonstrates your
perspectives of the literature in relation to your question. Your
‘voice’ or your perspective, position or standpoint, should be
identifiable in the literature review.
It is important that, firstly, your theoretical position is clearly and
strongly stated and that your critical evaluations are an integral
part of this. Secondly, it important that your language indicates
your own or other writers’ attitudes to the question or issue. The
literature review always ends with a research question.
You may follow the outline below;
Title of literature review: In not more than 20 words state the
title of your literature review
Provide an overview of the literature review. Indicate the
objectives of the literature review
Literature review
Use relevant headings and sub-headings to organize your
literature review.
Your conclusion should provide a summary of the literature and
show the gaps in the literature 

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