The Literature Review assignment should: 
1. Be formatted according to APA 6th edition standards. Two sources for APA formatting standards are: 
(a) American Psychological Association. (2010). Concise Rules of APA Style. 6th ed. Washington, DC: Author. ISBN: 9781433805608 
1. Show analysis of relevant alternatives, synthesis of the related information, and application of a critical thought process to develop assertions. 
2. Contain in-text citations from at least 6 peer-reviewed articles to support assertions described in the paper. 
The body of the Literature Review assignment should contain the following sections: 
1. Review of Literature: 1st paragraph of paper; describes objective of the literature review, overview of the topic under consideration, and specific topics that were researched to obtain information to write the Term Project Position Paper. 
2. Documentation: 2nd paragraph of paper; describes where literature was obtained and how literature used to write the Term Project Position Paper was accessed. 
3. Literature Review Discussion: 
(a) Subsequent paragraphs should contain a discussion about the selected literature sources, organized into those in ethical positions, unethical positions, and positions offering completely different arguments.

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