Linguistic barriers to seeking health services for Arab Americans

Linguistic barriers to seeking health services for Arab Americans. Using a qualitative approach that allows for a rich and in-depth look into the language implications and barriers to Arab Americans’ health services. I will use textual analysis as one of the primary tools to understand how meaning is drawn from media texts. Textual analysis, as a form of qualitative research, relies on interpreting documents in order to give voice as well as meaning around a specific topic.

Linguistic barriers to seeking health services for Arab Americans

abstract that summarizes the research question, methodology, conclusions, and significance of the research. The abstract should concisely describe the problem and your solution to it (or the question and your answer to it) and explain why this is important. Carefully draft each sentence in the abstract to efficiently convey all the important information about your paper. The abstract is typically the most difficult part of paper writing- don’t waste words!

  • Conclude by discussing your contribution to existing literature AND discussing your hypotheses or expectations about the answer to your research question
  • Notes: Your literature review should answer the following questions: What is the relevant literature to your topic? How have other scholars answered your research questions? Why is your work contributing new and/or important ideas to this literature? Based on your review of the existing literature, what do you expect to find?

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