Linear and Multiple Regression

Linear and Multiple Regression


For this local polynomial regression, you will use the “oldfaithful.csv” from the open-source data that you downloaded in the previous Discussion Board (these are the open-source data that you downloaded in the previous discussion).

Click here to select the Old Faithful dataset from the open-source Web site. The eruption times (in minutes) and the waiting time to the next eruption (in minutes) of 272 eruptions are provided for the Old Faithful geyser.

Complete the following

Produce density histograms of eruption times and of waiting times.
Produce a smoothed density histogram from local polynomial regression.
Discuss each step of the R code to show eruption times and waiting times.
Discuss the results of the local polynomial regression.
In your discussion, compare local polynomial regression to regular regression.
The deliverable for this assignment consists of 5 or 6 pages of code, results, plots, tables, and discussion.

Please submit your assignment.


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