Linda Hogan

What adjectives does Linda Hogan use to describe her personality as a child in Oklahoma? 2. Does L. H. believe that she is a traditionally-minded Native woman? 3. In para 8, does L. H. state she thinks the view of the constellations is the same for the Western world as it is in the American Indian tradition? 4. 4. After rereading para 9, name the three types of writing L. H. says she does. 5. In para 12, what are the two choices for L.
H. ’s main character in her novel Power? What is the main character’s name? 6. What endangered animal did a Seminole man kill in the controversial case that L. H. researched for an article she was writing? 7. What animal does L. H. write about in her poem “Affinity: Mustang”? What words describe the animal? 8. In the final para, according to L. H. , why does she write? What is her motivation for writing? TASK 2 Go beyond the text 1. L. H. riting often acknowledges traditional Native American values such as respecting the intelligence of the elders. What are some other traditional values she writes about? What are some traditional values you hold? Are your values similar to or different from the traditional values that L. H. cherishes? 2. L. H. discusses her views on the understanding of the cosmos and how the constellations have a meaning for her that is different from the traditional Western meaning.
What might be some reasons for these different meanings? Do the skies and constellations have any meaning to you or to other people you know? If so, discuss this meaning and explain its importance. 3. L. H. ‘ s novel Power describes a character who must choose between two ways of life: the American world and the culture of her elders who live in their community with their own traditions.

Have you or someone you know ever had to make a choice between two worlds, two ways of thinking, or two ways of conducting your life? Discuss the difficulties in making such a decision and the consequences of the choice you made. 4. In the first several paras of her essay, L. H. writes about how she grew, as a tree grows, into “a traditionally-minded Native woman” and a writer. What experiences helped her grow? In what ways have you connected your identity? What people and experiences have influenced you?

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