Library Research Assignment

Part I (50 points)
Directions: Using your research topic, complete the following:
1. Identify the topic that you have selected and explain why your group selected this topic (include the specific problem your topic seeks to address in your response). (2 points)
2. List two things that you already know about your subject? (5 points)
3. List three things that your group wants to learn about your subject? (15 points)
4. Who (other than the primary audience) do you think would benefit from your report? (2 points)
5. Who is your primary reader? (2 points)
6. How do you plan to gather information (what research or investigative methods will you use) for your report? (4 points)
7. Use the information in your syllabus, the research report memorandum, and pages 433-434 (textbook), to create a Gantt Chart that illustrates the tasks that you will need to complete for this report (do not forget to place dates and a title in your chart). (10 points)

Part II (20 points)
1. Plan a strategy for researching your topic by answering the following:
a) List the names of the primary and secondary readers of your document. (3 points)
b) Why does the audience need this information (primary and secondary)? (3 points)
c.) What is the purpose of your document? (3 points)
d.) List three databases that are available online (you might use the BSU library and/or (3 pts)
e.) List the title of two reference works that contain background information related to your topic. (3 pts)
f.) List one major index or abstract journal that covers your topic. (3 pts)
g.) List two Internet sources that have the most useful information on your topic. 
(2 pts)

Part III (30 pts)
Directions: Prepare a survey or questionnaire to elicit an individual or group response(s) to your topic. Use the information in Chapter 6 to help you write effective questions. 

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