Lg unit vii scholarly activity

Unit VII Scholarly Activity
For the Unit VII Scholarly Activity, you are tasked with identifying a local government in your area, and reading the annual report or similar document. Then, you must provide answers to the following questions using memorandum format:
 
  

What type of structure is used?
o Identify the departments (using an organization chart).
On the political side, what is the head of council called? o Is this post elected at large?
How are the council members elected?
How many councilors are there?
Identify one current political issue that is on the political agenda.
o Identify a few key stakeholders that have a position in that issue.
Identify and discuss the 21st century factors impacting the leaders in your local government structure.
Your memo should be a minimum of three (3) pages and maximum of five (5) pages and be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. The memo should have the following sections:

  

o The heading of memorandums is designed to allow a reader to understand what he or she is looking at, and
decide quickly whether he or she should read it. The heading has four or five parts, appearing in this order. The “subject line” should be brief, but clear.
 To:
 From:
 Subject:  Date:
 cc:
o Because many messages cross a reader’s desk (or computer screen) daily, the first thing she is likely to ask
upon seeing one is “Should I read this?” The “purpose” section answers that question. A very direct opening
like “The purpose of this memo is to …” is perfectly acceptable. Summary
o The summary is a brief recounting of the entire memo, including discussion/background, conclusions, and recommendation. Its placement as the second section allows a reader who does not need to know the details to stop reading.
o The discussion/background describes the method by which the conclusion was reached. This section provides
details of the subject and the justification for the conclusion. In almost all cases this is the longest section of the memo — (e.g., five paragraphs of an eight-paragraph memo, or two pages of a three-page memo). It is directed to those who need to know details.
o This makes some sort of conclusion from the issues and problems described in the “Background/Discussion”
section. It also describes where you intend to go from here Reference Page
Citations and references must follow APA format.

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