Lesson Plan Argumentative Essay

Liberty University’s Standard Lesson Plan ** TEACH IT, PRACTICE IT, TEST IT! ** Lesson Plan #1: Module 2 Teacher Candidate: A Super Smart Student |Course: Reading and Language Acquisition | |LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] | |Topic: Phonemic Awareness |Concept: Sound of letter B | |Subject: Reading |Grade: Kindergarten | |Primary Objective | |Each group of three students will correctly identify pictures beginning with the “B” sound in various magazines. Students will cut out | |pictures and glue them to construction paper.
Given one magazine per group of three students, each group will demonstrate knowledge of the | |sound of letter “B” by correctly selecting and gluing four out of five pictures beginning with letter “B” to their construction paper. | |Classroom Diversity and Differentiated Instruction | |Students will be placed in groups of three children with varying academic levels, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity to promote an | |appreciation and respect for students of differing cultures and academic achievement. This grouping will also accommodate students with | |various learning disabilities. |Materials/Equipment | |For this activity old magazines, scissors, glue, construction paper, projector, laptop, Letter “B” book, and teacher created pre-assessment, | |and summative assessment will be used to enhance the student’s understanding of phonemic awareness with a focus on letter B. | | | |(2003). B is for Ben. Carson, CA: Lakeshore Learning Materials. | |Fitzpatrick, J. (1997). Phonemic Awareness. Cypress, CA: Creative Teaching Press Inc. | |Technology Integration | |Students will practice phonemic awareness in a group activity using the website: | |http://teacher. scholatic. com/clifford1/flash/phonics/index. tm | |Students will be shown a picture of an object. Given a group of different pictures, students will attempt to identify all of the other | |pictures in the group that begin with the same sound as the initial object. | |LESSON PRESENTATION [during the lesson] The following steps are designed to prepare students to be successful in the summative evaluation at | |the end of the lesson. | |Set | |Students will be introduced to the phonemic awareness of letter B through reading the story B is for Ben. | |Students will listen for the “B” sound as the story is read. |Teacher Instruction | |Students will learn to correctly identify pictures beginning with the sound of letter B. | |Teacher Modeling | |Teacher demonstrates the sound of letter B by enunciating the “B” sound in words with corresponding pictures. Teacher demonstrates by holding | |up picture cards beginning with the “B” sound and stating the name of the pictures. Students will then repeat the word. | |Children’s Literature Selection | |B is for Ben will be read aloud to students. Teacher will discuss the qualities of Ben followed by a discussion of how God makes each person | |special and unique.
This will be incorporated with the verse found in Psalms 139:14, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully | |made; marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. ” | |Guided Student Practice | |Students will participate in a sound match game from the scholastic website. Children will select from a group of pictures that have the same | |beginning sound as the given picture. | |Independent Student Practice | |Students will be divided into groups of three students. Given various old magazines, scissors, glue, and construction paper, each group will | |search through the magazines and cut out pictures beginning with the “B” sound. Students will glue the pictures to their construction paper. |Closure | |Students will review the “B” sound with the teacher. Each group will name the pictures that they cut out while the other groups of students | |decipher if the pictures named are correct. Teacher will direct students to carefully sound out each picture name and enunciate the “B” sound. | |Summative Assessment | |Students will receive a teacher-created assessment sheet containing various pictures. Students will demonstrate mastery of this lesson by | |correctly identifying the pictures containing the beginning “B” sound. |

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