Legalization of Marijuana Critique Essay

Marc English 101 Mallis Preliminary Arguments The legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing topic of debate in this country. Some states have recently approved marijuana for medicinal purposes. This in turn has reignited the debate on legalization. Both sides put forth arguments supporting their position. Following are some of the arguments for and against legalization of marijuana. Argument for Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is not more harmful, dangerous or addictive than cigarettes or alcohol if used in moderation. In fact, marijuana has been shown to have medicinal benefits for patients suffering certain aliments (Cancer, Depression… ). Yet Marijuana is illegal while cigarettes and alcohol are not. Furthermore, Marijuana users are often treated more harshly than cigarette and alcohol users. * Keeping marijuana illegal will not stop people from using it, growers from growing it, and sellers from selling it.

Prohibition does not work as we saw with alcohol in the 1920s and early 1930s. Prohibition has the opposite effect in that it tends to increase interest or graving rather than curbing production or use. Prohibition also creates a black market and the associated criminal elements. * Legalization would eliminate the criminal elements, lead to Government regulation of the drug (i. e. , purity, concentration… ), significantly increase government revenues through taxation, and put more money in our economy. Legalization would also result in significant savings in our Justice and Law Enforcement systems. Currently significant money and resources are spent on marijuana related arrest and processing. Both money and resources can be freed-up or redirected to more serious crimes or other beneficial programs. I believe that the arguments advanced above make for a strong position on legalizing marijuana. Furthermore, we should have the freedom to do with our bodies what we want so long as we do not hurt others as a result.