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 Summary of Two Lectures in Entrepreneurship: I will be creating a list of lectures that can be accessed online that discuss one or more elements of entrepreneurship. I will distribute that list by the end of October. You will be required to select two of the lectures, listen to them, and summarize what you learn from them. You will write a 2 to 3-page summary of five important business concepts you learn from each entrepreneur with a focus on the topics covered in our course.  

The list: 

1. Stanford ETL Season 12 Episode 12: Six Ways to be an Original, Adam Grant


2. Stanford Innovation Lab Season 3 Episode 6: The Power of Creative Friction, Bob Sutton


3. Stanford ETL Season 11 Episode 3: Elon Musk’s Vision for the Future, Elon Musk


4. Stanford ETL Season 6 Episode 14: The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration, Jack Dorsey


5. Stanford ETL Season 12 Episode 13: Bootstrapping with Flair, Susan Feldman


6. Stanford ETL Season 10 Episode 8: Nailing the Hard Things, Ben Horowitz


7. Stanford ETL Season 2 Episode 11, Choosing the Entrepreneurial Path, Reid Hoffman


8. Stanford ETL Season 1 Episode 25, Stimulating Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace, Bob Sutton


9. Stanford ETL Season 12 Episode 3, Embrace the Entrepreneurial Journey, Jane Chen


10. Stanford ETL Season 12 Episode 1, Special: Michael Terrell


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Watch the two videos and answer the following questions:

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