Leaving Home and Memories

Leaving home, yes, I remember leaving home, can you? Leaving home for me was quite unlike the leaving home of what I would call the usual. It December 27, 2009. That day I won’t forget for my entire life, that day when it was the change in everything, that day when I was saying goodbye, the teary goodbyes to relatives and friends. Getting closer to time to leave home, I started to remember and retell, in my head, the bittersweet memories of leaving the loving nest.
As my family and I arrived to the airport, my heart was heavy, and I started to feel sad because of what I hate and I’ve always hated, it is separation from my best friends, however I knew the time has come to leave. I felt an unsettling feeling in my heart and a kind of longing to stay back forever. But at the same time, I was excited. I have been reflecting on what my life would become and what it could have been and, eventually, I plucked up the courage to walk away and started a new life. In the plane, I sat with closed eyes, reliving those wonderful and fond memories, I left behind. Like read about memories? Read also Flashbulb memory!
Today is a life change. It’s awaking me and saving me, striving forth happy, confident and bold, into a world that’s familiar but friendly. Into this new life my spirit will send me, Living, laughing, and loving it all. Now I’ve been sitting around this life, I can see just where it all went, Cherish every moment of this new life. Later, I woke up; I could hear the faint humming of the airplane engines. We were over the Atlantic Ocean. I noticed the journey viewer showed that only 2 hours to go. I was going to be in Canada after what seemed a lifetime of waiting, anticipation, obsession with it all.

I was going to touch down, to take a first Canadian breath of air, in only just two hours, what an exciting feeling. I couldn’t even believe I slept in the first place, but I had. After almost 2 hours, my dad told that we are flying above Canada. Canada! A smile took over my face. I sat there Looking out the window at the vast earth we live in. somewhat calming being so high up above the clouds, its peace, its tranquil, and mesmerizing. Without moment’s notice, I was jolted form, my calming wander to the sound of a belt light; it was time to fasten our seat belts as we were going to start descending on Canada.
Finally, smiles all over. Only moments away before I knew it, I saw clouds rushing past my window, faster and faster, it was like a moment of such anticipation, as to what will be at the end, through the clouds. What I will see, what is going to be my first image, my first real life visualization of Canada? More clouds rushed past, more and more, I never thought it was going to end. It was hilarious, where is it, I remember I kept on thinking, where is Canada, show yourself to me, “SHOW ME”. Within three minutes, I looked down and I knew I was staring into my new land, my new home.
I know as soon as I touch down, I’m not leaving for a long time, I knew it. Afterwards, I took a breath as I walked through the tunnel. I saw the steps, I seemed to count how many there where, I reached the last one, 17 steps, it was the last one, and I went down. I felt good, that first touch, that first moment. I breathed my first Canadian breath of air, all I thought in this moment; this is a grand moment in my life. It was Toronto in December, so it was cold. I could see my breath each time I talk. There were Glittering mounds of fluffy white snow, streets illuminated with warm golden Christmas lights, stars twinkling in the night sky.
It’s almost like a fairytale. The roads were long and never-ending, darkness cut through by powerful glowing headlights. When I went to the hotel, no one was talking, we’re all too tired. I wanted to take a hot, steamy shower and just go to my bed. I was really tired, however, I was able to sleep, I kept thinking about my day. And I was looking up for my future in this country. In conclusion, To all of you out there who are faced with or contemplating leaving home, cherish the sweet moments and battle with all your courage against the bitter moments until you find your final home – then vow never to leave it.

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