Learning Style in the English Language

Learning Style in the English Language.

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Learning Styles

Answers should be written in complete sentences and paragraph form. There should be 4-5 sentences provided for each question. Please be sure to proofread, as scholarly writing is important. Review the grading rubric to ensure all requirements are met.

What percentage of each modality (mode of learning style) do you prefer based on your survey?
Visual (I am a visual )
According to this survey how do you primarily learn? What is your initial reaction to the three percentages provided by the survey?

What strategies from the bulleted list of your primary learning style/modality are ones that you currently use or see yourself using to learn more efficiently? (Strategies begin at 2:00 marker in video)

Which of the personality traits covered in the video do you agree with most? Do you think these personality traits complement your preferred mode of learning? Why do you think these personality traits best describe how you learn? (Personality traits begin at 3:33 marker in video)

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