leadership style and organizational culture

leadership style and organizational culture

(1) Are management and leadership the same thing? If not, why not? (2) Can a single individual be an autocratic, a democratic, and a laissez-faire leader? Why or why not?

(1) What is your natural inclination in terms of the three basic leadership styles—autocratic, democratic, or laissez-faire? Think about times in school, at work, or in social situations in which you played a leadership role. How did you lead? (2) Does leadership experience in school activities such as student government and athletics help prepare you for business leadership? Why or why not?

Leading is the art and science of influencing and motivating people to work toward common goals. Leaders can exhibit a range of styles in what they choose to focus on (strategic versus operational matters) and how they make things happen (forcing versus enabling). Three specific leadership styles are autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. Organizational culture is the set of underlying values, norms, and practices shared by members of an organization.

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