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Leadership Philosophy Assignment #6185

Leadership Philosophy Assignment #6185. What is your leadership philosophy?  For this paper, you will describe your leadership philosophy and what you believe a leader in healthcare should possess.  The paper should be between 1-2 pages and section headers should be used.  A minimum of 2 citations from reputable sources (i.e. peer-reviewed journal, reputable organizations, textbook) must be included.  Please follow the assignment guidelines found in the syllabus to format your paper.

  The following sections need to be included in your paper: 

Introduction As a leader, what principles do you possess?How do you lead a healthcare organization or a department within the organization?What type of leader are you? What is your leadership style?

Leadership Philosophy Development Provide more details on your leadership philosophy (theory, attitudes, beliefs, principles)How did you develop your leadership abilities?Is there someone who you admire and are inspired by?

Leadership and Growth How do you plan on improving your leadership style?


Leadership Philosophy Assignment #6185

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