Leadership Empowerment Principle

The leader manifests an important role in each group or organization. He has the main objective of directing and leading the group towards the effective and efficient accomplishment and achievement of their tasks and common interest. He acts as the mediator and the source of power or command inside the group or organization for the management aspect of the diversity, individuality, and unity of each member for the processing and delegation of their different tasks and responsibilities. In general, the leader manifest as the core and central unit of the group making his the head element towards the realization and achievement of their common interest.
In the contemporary perspective of group management, the aspect of leadership can be achieve and realize inside the group through different approaches each focusing on a certain aspect in the said aspect. Each leader is uniquely characterized by their specific style and nature of approach towards their purpose inside the group or organization.
Every particular leader particularly focuses on a specific element on his leadership style which he views to be important and beneficial to the agenda of managing his group. This certain leadership style can be acknowledged through the realization of the elements he employs in managing his group and its influence to the effectiveness of their organization.

In the aspect of realizing the leadership style for self-assessment, the author of this paper particularly examined specific points and elements for the assessment of his leadership style and the effectiveness of his approach. Based form the specific element highlighted in his approach, the author of this paper has realized the certain qualities in his leadership approach and the specific aspect he needs further development for greater effectiveness.
From this assessment, the author of this paper has particularly learned the certain strength in his qualities namely the Chain of Command approach in leadership. In this quality, the author of this paper acknowledges that he finds certain strength in developing a sole authority for decision making and setting himself apart from the group for the chain of command. Through which that he is able to effectively manage his member and delegate the specific tasks necessary in their process.
As also viewed in this assessment, the author of this paper also expresses interest in developing on the qualities of the centralized leadership particularly on developing group communication elements necessary for this approach. This leader particularly sees an opening for improvement in this aspect to develop an organization environment wherein he is a member but also the leader that directs everyone’s activities.
Further on assessment, the author of this paper realizes that his style is best characterized as a partnership approach towards group management wherein aside from being the one with sole authority, he is also the supporter, coach and facilitator for each member’s activities. His style is to communicate and coordinate the activity of the group through imposing several tasks and responsibilities for each member particularly on the decision-making aspect. Thus, each member has their own tasks, responsibility, and specific decision taking part as co-leaders and members in the group. In particular, the author of this paper has the style of sharing the responsibility with the members and acting out as the supporter and facilitator for them.
This style is also manifested by the author of this paper as part of his interest of developing a highly empowered leadership style in the group wherein the members are self-directed and has the full ownership of their tasks and most aspect of their jobs. The current approach of the author of this paper is mainly included as the initial step in developing the said approach wherein he is training the member to become independent on their responsibilities with the leader acting as the supporter and the coordinator for the organization tasks. This is mainly implemented on the interest of focusing more attention to the external forces and elements in the group as the members have already became self-directed and responsible for their group activity.
Indeed, the leadership style and approach of each person is important as the effectiveness and efficiency of this aspect and the entire group process relies on the management and directing approach of their leader. Each style or approach has its respective element which is highlighted in the process towards the development of its effective application in the group. The effectiveness of this style relies on the characterizing factors and elements of the group, the issues that the organization must face, and the application approach of the leader which must be inclined towards the achievement and realization of the common good and interest of the entire organization.
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