Leadership and Innovation and Efficient leadership

Leadership and Innovation and Efficient leadership. Efficient leadership plays a significant role in facilitating the achievement of goals in any organization. According to Soken and Barnes, leaders who promote a lack of focus and communication about innovation strategy encourage failure and the organization is often less likely to succeed (Soken and Barnes 2008). Therefore, a leader ought to communicate efficiently, take accountability for failure, and generate an accessible process for coming up with ideas among the relevant supporters. As a result of stiff competition in the business environment, many leaders comprehend that innovation is a crucial way to survive in the market ((Soken and Barnes 2008). However, only a few are often willing to encourage and develop a culture of innovation. A leader in an innovative organization ought to support great talent, listen to the employees, learn from failure and know when to get involved when there is an issue.

Leadership and Innovation

Amazon is known as one of the most successful innovative companies in the world and its success is attributed to the organization’s leadership. The company was founded and is still headed by Jeff Bezos who has managed to create and maintain a brilliant innovation culture (Kantor and Streitfeld 2015). In the light of Soken and Kim’s notion on what is required of a good leader in an innovative organization, Jeff encourages employees to “forget poor habits” by adopting leadership principles he has developed (Kantor and Streitfeld 2015). Workers are encouraged to communicate their ideas using text messages and emails regardless of the time.

Moreover, the company has an internal directory that encourages workers to send secret feedback to encourage discipline. Notable, employees work as a team and the teams interact with each other so that they can not only move fast but also develop interesting innovation projects. Moreover, the leader supports the teams and is the main attribute of strategic thinking.

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