Leadership Analysis and the essence in today’s world

Leadership Analysis and the essence. Students select a leader and write an analytical paper about that leader’s leadership practices. You may pick a leader (a manager/leader in your own organization or a manager/leader in other organizations) about whom you collect information. You will analyze his/her leadership practices using one or more of the theories covered in the course. You may work with well-known leaders such as Bill Gates or Meg Whitman if you face any challenge in selecting a leader. The sections should be written in paragraph format;Leadership Styles: State or list all leadership styles associated with leadership theories.Leadership Styles of the leader: Select one leadership style that most closely matches the leadership practices

Leadership style and organizations goals: Assess the compatibility/ Incompatibility between the leader’s leadership style/practices and the organization’s goals. For this purpose, one need to state organization goals and see if they are being achieved with the leaders’ leadership style.

Recommendations: Make a set of thoughtful (showing consideration for the leader, the organization, and society at large) and practical recommendations that can improve the leader’s leadership style and/or leadership practices.

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