Leader of the past and his challenges

ASSIGNMENT: A final project is a BOOK reflection for a biography of a multicultural leader. The students are required to READ a biography of the leader FROM THE PAST and answer the following questions in an extensive format:  – Why did you choose this leader for your report? – What are the leader’s main accomplishments? – What are the leader’s main challenges? – Describe in detail a ‘Hero’s Journey’ for the leader. Include all stages. Who are the main characters, that helped the leader on his journey? How specifically did they help him? – If you were born as that leader in his or her time, what would you do differently in his/her life?  – What are the main three traits that you can adapt from this leader? What steps do you need to take to adapt to these characteristics? Create a strategic plan with objectives, tasks, timeline, and desired outcomes. – If there was one advice you could give to that leader from what you know today, what would it be?  OUTCOME: a written report (2,500 words) 

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The potential for a negative event to occur is a vulnerability.  True False 1.00000 points    QUESTION 2 Which of the following is an example of a user domain vulnerability?….

Watch Video, Answer questions:

Please have a complete and concise answers to all 3 questions: As a registered nurse, you have gathered many health histories throughout your career. The health history is the story….


Chapter 3 discusses methods to assess the quality of simulations. You learned about three different views of simulation quality. Suppose you lead a task force that is developing a simulation….