Law of Property Tort in the United Kingdom

Law of Property Tort in USA. Both questions are scenario questions, or problem questions you could be asked to advise on in a professional environment.


  • Identify the area of law
  • Identify the principles of law
  • Find the facts
  • Apply the principles to the facts
  • Give advice


Thus, you need to consider which area in tort specifically needs to be addressed, eg. negligence etc and apply your answer to the facts of the question.Take care with your use of written English and ensure your work is of a high standard. Therefore, if it does not make sense or is poorly written it will be difficult to achieve a good mark regardless of how good some of your points are. Lastly, remember the importance of Harvard referencing.  The coursework should be your own and not that of someone else.

Law of Tort

Opposite Gina and Samuel’s properties is ShineBright Limited (“ShineBright”), a small company manufacturing low energy light bulbs.  To meet increased business demand, Shinebright is redeveloping its premises.  However, one evening eleven year old Claire from the local village is riding her bicycle pass ShineBright’s premises.  Additionally, spotting a gap in the temporary barbed wire fence which surrounds the premises while building works are being carried out, she crawls through the gap to explore ShineBright. 

Additionally, there is a small warning notice affixed at the top of the barbed wire fence that reads “Danger! Premises under construction. Keep out!”  Claire falls down a staircase to the newly built basement and breaks her right leg.

Advise Gina, Samuel and Claire to their rights, if any, in the law of tort.

Legal Principles:Law of Property Tort in USA

  • You can make assumptions where relevant but clearly state all assumptions made.
  • Legal principles to include appropriate Statue and case citations.
  • Attention to the quality and use of written English.
  • The layout, logical progression and presentation of your work.
  • Conclusions reached.
  • Correct referencing.

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