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 Assignment II. Article Review. Research Methods (15%)

In this assignment you will review one of the articles posted on the Blackboard (in CONTENT folder), applying knowledge that you gained in your research methods class.

1. If your last name starts with A – K choose either Democratization or Evaluation article. If your last name starts with L – Z choose either Individualism or Mothers article. The articles are posted in the CONTENT folder.

2. Read selected article carefully.

3. You are asked to provide a 1-page summary of the article that includes the following:

a. Research problem
b. Research question or hypothesis
c. Research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods) and type of research design (e.g., case study, ethnography, experiment etc.)
d. Sample (size and type), and how it was selected
e. Main results
f. Significance of research

4. Turn in 1-page with a-f (point 3). You don’t have to write an essay but you can address each point separately. On the top write selected article in the APA.

5. If you don’t remember some of the research methods’ concepts, you can use any of the research methods textbooks.

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