Larry Crowne

Based on the movie “Larry Crowne” I feel that college is going to be great. This movie really taught me a lot about college and how it’s never to late until your dead. I can only hope that my college experience is like Larry’s : fun , exciting , and a place to meet new people. However this movie also taught me that there are up and downs that come with college, but as long as you try and care you can make it through just fine. The first topic I would like to touch on is the fact that college is a great chance to meet new people, but now only new people but lifetime friends.
There are so many different “characters” or personalities is college, where as it may have not been the same is your high school or city. I’m the type of person that loves to meet new people so that would be just great for me. This also helps me to see that being shy is college is not going to help you get through. Some people might introduce themselves to you like the young lady did Larry & other you have to make the first move. Having friends will get you through college and they’re always there for you as you saw in the movie.
Moving on to the next topic , I’d say the teachers in college are a lot different. It’s like they understand your older and mature so they are more relaxed and you have more freedom. But one thing that I notice is that they give you work but your responsible for getting it in cause they won’t ask you for it. Also from watching the movie the class room atmosphere is way more relaxed in college but also not everything has the “Green-light” so to speak.

College can be very fun, but I believe that all depends on what you go there with your mind set on. If you go just to party then you won’t be there long. However if you go with a mind to get you education like Larry Crowne then you do what he did which is get his degree so that he could never have to worry about getting fired again. To me because of what Larry had his mind set on doing when he went he was to able to get the job done, have fun after class and sometimes during , and on top of all that he was able to manage a job.
I believe he was only able to get it done because he had is priorities set , in order , and he followed through with them. Hence , after viewing this movie feel like I am somewhat ready for college, I’m definitely excited for it. There are a few things that I have to still work on i. e. work and study habits. If you noticed in the end you’d see Larry studying for finals , class etc. when and where ever he could. And in the end it all paid off.
College is not an option for me – it’s a must – so there for I have to go. Larry didn’t have to go he wanted to. I wonder how would it have been Larry to just stay out of school and do nothing. Instead he wanted his education and went In with a positive attitude. And no matter when I start college I want to go with that attitude from the get go cause as I witnessed from the movie it’s a much more smoother process. So that’s what I learned from this movie. It really taught me a lesson. h