Large technology based corporation

1) Why carly didn’t come sooner to discuss project delay
Carly knew she was the problem because she caused the delay by not delegating the project work to Morris and other team members. She wanted Morris and other team member to be blamed for non-performance. She wanted things to worsen so that other members can be sucked for he feared that they were more experienced than him. He mistreated them so that they can give up and quit the job.
2) Carly hasn’t had a conversation with Morris or vice versa about their differences

This is because they lacked the skills of a good communicator. They did not have the ability to communicate to people at all levels. There was no clear communication about their responsibility, how they are supposed to perfom, goals and their expectations. Carly viewed Morris as her rival. She was negative about Morris and could not accept him. Carly thought Morris would contradict with her and disagree with her. She is feeling inferior to Morris because Morris had a higher level of degree than her.
How they should respond
They should be open to each other, negotiate effectively and persuade each other to ensure that success is achieved. This will support both individual and achievement of the team by getting guidelines on how to accomplish the results. They should get to understand one another and know where they contradict and accept one another the way he or she is.
3) Biggest problem with the way these team members interact
They lack team building skills because they lack substances that hold the team together which is unity and cooperation to achieve common objective. They do not understand the process of transformation required to progress from being strangers to each other to being a single unit which is cohesive. There are no leadership styles to be used at each stage of developing the team. They lack understanding of each team player and how each of them can be used at the proper time to solve problem once it arise.
What they could do to remedy the problem
They should understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses and try to cope with them instead of avoiding each other. They should be ready to accept correction once they do a mistake knowing or not knowing. They should take advice given by those in higher authority and follow the instructions given to them. Problems should be shared once they arise and look for solutions together. Cooperation between team members should be emphasized and also unity in order to strengthen the team.
4) Should carly continue to serve as project manager?
I think carly should not continue to serve as a project manager because she lacks the ability to delegate task, she is notable to check and control the project. She does not allow Morris and other team members to participate in the project in order to complete it. She is not delegating the work and at the same time not able to complete it by herself.
Carly lacked leadership competence because she is not able to lead others successfully, she has not won any track record and has no ability to inspire team members, challenge or encourage them to put more effort in their job. For these reason, the post of the project manager should be given to another person who is experienced and committed to his job.
5) How I would begin to address this situation
I would call carly, Morris and the team members together, listen to their problems and discuss the solutions together.
Plan to remedy this problem
Team building skills – the team should come together to achieve the objective of the corporation. The main objective would be to complete the project at the set time and strive to meet the deadline on when all the activities should be completed.
Transformation – the team should understand each other, know their abilities and talents and know how each of them contributes to the sucess of the corporation. They should come up together and build a unit that utilizes all its ability to be successful.
Leadership styles – the manager should know how to lead the team and offer advice where necessary. She should be listened to and his decision should be final even after conversation with the team members. The leader should have the ability to make wise decisions that will not mislead other team members.
Understanding – they should know how each team member can be resourceful and know his contribution in solving problems.
Key methods of preventing the failure of the project
Beginning the project in the right way
Prevent all the problems before you begin
Finalize what is required of you Agree on the scope of the project organizing project to avoid problems Know all the steps in planning Finalize the objectives of the project Get all the required resources and keep then Know the duration taken to finish the project Emphasize on preventing the problem rather than reaction Get a realistic plan Finalize on how to manage the project Develop final plan of management and ensure it is approved getting work done Always stay focused and avoid time wasting.
Ask questions to know how the project is going on Know performance and how the project is doing Retain corporation by use of rewards and building team Update the plan to make sure the project always stays on track proving your success Confirm that the job is done to the requirements Be signed off formerly by the manager Celebrate success of the project
Lewis James; Fundamentals of Project Management; Amacom Division Mgt,2002

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