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Lady Gaga – Role Model

Lady Gaga – Role Model.
All across the world, girls attending middle school should be permitted to dress like Lady Gaga because she is a role model for both boys and girls alike. For instance, her bold sense of fashion and confidence is a true inspiration to all. Prior to her debut, she had proudly deemed herself a “freak” in school, for she dressed and acted differently than the norm. Beneath her catchy songs and eccentric music videos, Gaga emphasizes the importance of originality.
Amidst an environment where girls try to imitate others in order to become “popular” and forgo personal creativity, Gaga reminds people not to be afraid to think outside the box and express their ideas freely. However, although some may believe that Lady Gaga is not a suitable role model for growing girls because of her ill-suited fashion and songs, they are incorrect because her lyrics spotlight important messages. To illustrate, in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, she sings, “I must be myself, respect my youth…. I’m beautiful in my way.
Throughout the song, the lyrics clearly remind the listener to embrace oneself and fearlessly confront others. Through her songs and style, Lady Gaga emphasizes individuality and originality to others, and urges others to let go of oneself once in a while, as one only lives a life to create momentous experiences. Around the globe, middle school girls should be allowed to dress like Lady Gaga because she is an exemplary leader of pop music who influences girls and boys around the world with her matchless audacity and undaunted willingness to express herself.

Lady Gaga – Role Model

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