Laboratory Based Simulation Experiments

Laboratory Based Simulation Experiments in Geomorphological Processes. The geomorphology discipline is concerned with the study of how bathymetric and topographic features have evolved as created by the different processes that operate near or at the earth’s surface. For geomorphologists, they focus on understanding why landforms and landscapes are the way they are in such a way that they can predict likely changes following a combination of various observations. The implication is that the geomorphologic discipline is characterized by field research in areas where processes are shaping the surface of the earth and creating landforms. Despite this important role within this discipline, there is a constraint that emerges from the fact that landform changes are usually very slow. In dealing with this shortcoming, laboratory based simulation experiments are used in the creation of models where the short term process outcomes are linked to the long term aspects of the geomorphological processes.   

Laboratory Based Simulation Experiments

Laboratory based simulation experiments are based on the use of computing technology to make realistic simulations that aid in the performance of research. Such means that the experiments are essential in the expansion of theoretical and experimental approaches. Considering that the experiments take place within the laboratory, they provide information that would otherwise be expensive or impossible to derive while also coming up with insights that are no too complicated or amenable for theorized analytical methods. The simulation experiments can aid in the understanding of geomorphological processes by providing models that are abstractions of reality from which there is an easier analysis of phenomena, testing of theories, enabling forecasting, and superseding time, distance, cost, and environmental factors.

Laboratory based simulation experiments help create models that are abstracts of simplified reality in which the most important elements and their interactions are represented, thus aiding in a better understanding of related processes. As highlighted in the introduction, geomorphology is largely characterized by field research that helps in understanding the processes shaping the earth and leading to the creation of landforms.

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