Korean women immigrant depression

Korean women immigrant depression. Immigrants are people who have different and unusual experiences in their life compared to other non-immigrants. Immigrants  move apart from national and geographical hometown where their were born, and newly settle in a different country with various reasons such as, political, economic, educational or even more in personal reasons.

Korean women immigrant depression

There are three main reasons for focusing on the analysis of Korean women immigrants. First, the Korean immigrant population is one of the top 5 immigrants among the immigrants residing in the United States from Asia. Moreover, a lot of studies showed that specially Korean immigrant had more depression rate than other ethnic groups.The second reason is because of the conservative image and position of women in Korean society. As entering modern era, various studies and movements on women’s rights have been conducted and affected our ideology, but not in the past.

Mental Status

Mental health issues regarding Korean Americans or Korean immigrants in the US, you should have sources directly talking about it. The issues around women house work and waves of immigration are contextual issues. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need them; you should use them to define a premise of the paper. The review should focus on who had said what about mental health issues regarding Koreans in the United States


.Bernstein, Kunsook Song et al. “Acculturation, Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms Among Korean Immigrants in New York City.” Community mental health journal 47.1 (2011): 24–34. PMC. Web. 21 Apr. 2018.

This research provides information and result divided on based on marital status, gender and age. From the result from this paper shows that majority Korean immigrants(31.3%) had experienced significant sort of discrimination from the society based on race. Also 27.1% experienced discrimination without a reason. In addition, the result shows that Korean immigrants has twice more depression rate than the US general population. According to the paper this is a consistent result with that of previous studies.

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