Kitchen Layout

After gaining enough experience and capital from my previous restaurant employment, I have decided to start my own restaurant offering Authentic Italian dishes.
Stated below are the highlights of my idyllic Italian restaurant.
My restaurant shall have six large tables complete with basic table amenities such as pepper, salt and a variety of well-picked sauces.  Tables will be large due to the prominence of Italian food and culture for entertaining families or large groups. Another four small tables however will be added for small companies or pairs. In compliment to this, the interior shall be well-ventilated and equally lighted for maximum space utilization.

For my restaurant’s menu, I shall adapt the menu of the Via Carducci because they give special importance to pasta dishes, which are the marker s of Italian food.  Their menu, including wine choices are offered at very affordable yet reasonable prices, but not sacrificing the quality and the over-all effect of the products. Their specific cuisine is the Rustic Southern Italian which originated from the owner’s home town, Calabria. Their type of cuisine specializes in organic and fresh ingredients perfect for medium to heavy diets.
My Kitchen shall adapt the open G-shaped layout. This consists of four walls, two pair of walls opposite each other; the, the sink, the refrigerator and the cooktop are located at one of the pairs such that creating an imaginary work triangle with the three as points.  This layout enhances the use of the three basic elements of the kitchen mentioned above. It also gives ample space for other cooking equipments to be located at the other pair of walls.
The cleverness of the layout allows for even-trafficking in the work triangle. The said layout also makes room for one or two additional cooks for more efficient service.  The kitchen shall be open for the customers to view the brilliance of the cook(s). To add, a large over head mirror shall be ingeniously placed also for maximized viewing.
I have only three specific kitchen equipments to mention (1) the World Cuisine’sLillo pasta machine: able to produce different kinds of pasta from any type of flour, with or without the use of eggs. The product comes with four durable pasta attachments for Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Penne, and Macaroni. The item is ideal for fast-paced kitchens with just enough working space. The lillo pasta machine is also recommended for Italian kitchens serving quality pasta. (2) The Silex line of Knives.
Qualities include; purity of metal achieved through the secondary melting process it underwent, unique hardness provided by the strength of the material used, the fineness and precision comparable to a surgical scalpel, special resistance to corrosion, easy to sharpen blades given by the hardness and purity, and the extraordinary length of time it remains sharp. Its handle is designed for comfort in working for long periods of time. It also has a polymer-based handle which is anti-bacterial.
This line of cutlery provides proficiency in the work place due to its efficiency, durability and cleanliness in the workplace. This is ideal for busy restaurant kitchens which specialize in salads and fresh sauces. The next item (3) would be the World Cuisine’s Large oval cast-iron grill. This product is ideal for indoor-grilling. The heavy ridged cast iron surface preserves heat which equally and quickly grills. The item is suggested for class gourmet meals.
Other kitchen equipments which were not mentioned will also be hand-picked with care. Costs shall also be given much attention.
The above mentioned factors and elements were cautiously selected taking into consideration the availability, efficiency, monetary cost, and over-all quality. This, for me, is the ideal kitchen layout together with the visualization of the ideal Italian restaurant.
Atlanta Home improvement, Kitchen Layouts, August 8 2007

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