Kindergarten Chats – Architecture

This reading has introduced me to various factors in architecture regarding what it represents and should be in society through Louis Sullivan words. A Terminal Station: The Masculine Implies forceful, direct, clear and straightforward, The Feminine Implies intuitive sympathy, suavity, grace, and qualities of soothe, elevate, and refined. Should be easy to get in and out (efficiency) Outward aspect of the style takes on the ambulance of architecture. I agree, a terminal station should be able to tell us what it is and from the outside, where are the entrances, exists, etc…
This is a public figure and needs to be clear. The Key: Each buildings external aspect represents character and it’s up to us to unlock the architecture behind the building. The Architect represents or misrepresents society at large; what his plain duty is, if any what society has demanded and expect. There is a particular trust between the society and the Architects. Whichever way our architecture goes, so will our country go However the architecture is rotten to the core, according to Sullivan, the illusion of American architecture.
I agree how the public in large is not heavily involved in how their architecture is designed, thus we are putting trust on architect’s hands. Nature: Is visible, objective forms, contains aspects of beauty of form and color. The elements of earth and air shaped by delicate hand of time A creative impulse of origin In conclusion, buildings are made of materials, but the elements of the earth are removed from the matrix of nature, and reorganized and reshaped by force; mechanical, muscular, mental, emotional, moral, and spiritual.

Character: Not confined to the individual, it is also defined by the municipality, the nation, rent trends, and qualities that we the people are demanding in the marketplace. Values: We recognize values in medals, diplomas, or monuments. Brings a sense of community Curtain values in which money cannot measure. Take for example a building, any builder can tell you the estimated value of the property in money terms. However, the value of the building is based on subjective value and Dollar value.
Sullivan recommends that both come into play. Human nature determines the subjective value, which is more permanent, but money value is inseparable from the a Roman temple: affairs of life. Sullivan talked about how roman temples are place in great modern cities, at the same time having a strenuous sight, sound, that remind the people of their god. Such a holy precinct shall be doubly sacred to us in our reverence for this union of old and new. An example of how a building can be highly subjective, take for example a bank.
Just as we discussed in class, a Bank wants their building to seem powerful with strong values. Sullivan disagrees that banks in America should not resemble a Roman Temple. He believes that it should belong to ancient Romans and that banks an make as much money in any kind of bank. Thus no need for imitations . It was a part of Roman life and their culture, and that goes along with the Roman glory, thus building temples all over resemble a roman death. Taste: It expresses a familiarity with current persons of the culture, or trends. Ђ When an architect loses trust from the people at large, this is called weak taste. I always consider taste as what the market demands, for example having garages in suburban houses because of the demand for car and storage area. A Department Store: Sullivan describes a department stores as a structure that is logical, though, and states directly its purpose, and unmistakable though not wholly gratifying index of the business conducted within its walls. It’s directness of statement is its chief virtue.
Expanse of glass and light and displays In other words, it stands to reason that a thing looks like what it is and outward appearances resemble inner purposes. This is a great example of Function and Form. Function and Form: Every form we see there is a vital something or other which we do not see, which makes itself visible to us in that very form. A state of nature the form exists because of the function and behind the form is neither more nor less than a manifestation of what you call the infinite creative spirit, called God. Ђ A building is properly designed when you are able to read through and know the reason for that building. The details are not the same as the parts and the mass. Logical vs.. Organic growth Logical is scholarship, or taste, or all of them combined, cannot make organic architecture Logical is common sense, a thoroughly disciplined mind, a perfect quinine, and a gracious gift of expression. Logical can not deal with creativity process, for the creating function is vital, as its name is pure-reason. Ђ Organic correlates to organism, structure, growth, development, and form. Organic implies the pressure of a living force and a resultant structure or mechanism. The pressure is Function and the resultant is Form. Ornaments in Architecture: Sullivan explains ornaments as a decorative application of enhanced beauty of our structures. It’s what gives charm to a building. I agree with Sullivan that it’s a luxury, to a necessary, because of the great value of the masses.
Take for example a garage; to me it does not need ornaments, because Just the building itself provides the required beauty. However I agree that a certain type of ornaments mixes well with certain buildings, examples: retail, industrial, residential, office, etc. Beautiful building may be designed that shall bear no ornaments A decorated structure, harmoniously conceived, well considered, cannot be stripped of its system of ornament without destroying its individuality. The luxury of this inquiry becomes necessary; our architecture shall have neared its final development. Ђ Ornament design will be more beautiful if it seems a part of the surface or substance that receives it than if it looks “struck on. ” Both the structure and ornament obviously benefit by this sympathy; each enhancing the value of the other. Also a curtain kind of ornament should appear on a certain kind of structure. Buildings should posses an individuality as marked as that which exists among men, making them distinctly separable from each other, however a strong the racial or family semblance may be.
If I stare at my house, I will see all types of Ornaments that have been chosen because of my Hipic culture, Ecuadorian family, sports, hobbies, and each room has a certain type of style. Thoughts about this Reading I personally did not like this reading as a narrative, because there were many parts filled with a lot of fluff. I prefer to read a reading that is more straightforward and provides real examples and has pictures. Overall, my favorite parts talking about we the people have trust and give total control to developers and architects of designing our lives.