kim woods business paper 2

Assignment 2: 1-Page Marketing Plan: Part 2- Leads
For the second assignment, you will use the provided template to fill out the second part of the 1- page marketing plan or the next three boxes related to the During (Lead) Phase and then list your top 5 action steps related to your Lead Capture and Sales Conversion plan. See the sample marketing plans to provide examples of the type of information that you can put in.
In the first box, you will address your Lead Capture System. In this area, you will list the methods you will use to capture leads. Will it be via a call to action on a landing page? At events? In-store? On social media? etc.
In the second box, you will address your Lead Nurturing System. Here you will list the methods that you’ll use to keep in contact with your leads and grow your relationships with them over time.
In the third box, you will address your Sales Conversion Strategy. In this area, list the methods that you will utilize to convert your leads into paying customers (events, promos, etc.)
After that, you will list your Top Five Action Steps: Here you will simply list your top 5 steps for capturing and converting leads. What actions will you take to make it happen and to put your plan into motion?
Top Five Action Steps:
1. Step 1
2. Step 2
3. Step 3
4. Step 4
5. Step 5
Your completed Assignment 2 template should be submitted to Blackboard by Sunday midnight of Week 7. Reach out to your professor with any questions. Good luck.
Formatting Requirements for this assignment are as follows:
Typed in a Word document using the provided template.
References included as applicable in the form of a reference page (APA format suggested).

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