Key Issues and Problems

GAS has provided a complaint board In their official website for public to provide feedback, whether positive or negative comments to allow them to continuously Improve their services to their customers. Throughout our research, we have found that GAS had encountered with some ethical Issues regarding their hygiene problem and bad services.
Rat bitten case in GAS Mid Valley Magical It was absolutely a painful night out for Christine Chin after her toe was bitten by alleged rat while watching 2 hour movie at Golden Screen Cinema, Mid Valley Magical in KILL on Wednesday. Chin is the Youth Head and executive council member for the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CM). It was a relaxing night for Chin to enjoy movie with her family, but it turned out to be nightmare when she got bitten by a rat in the theatre. She posted her picture of her bandaged toe on her Backbone page and immediately the photo had been shared by at least 700 Backbone users on that particular day. Appendix l) On 5th April 2014, Chin was enjoying the movie with her family but all of a sudden she felt a sharp pain on her toe and cried UT In the pain. She did not Immediately check out what actually happened to her toe, Instead she finished the movie till the end. When the lights came on after the movie ended, she was shocked to see blood seeping from her toe. Chin’s family approached GAS staff instantly and they brought out a first aid kit to clean the wound. After that, they filed an official complaint with GAS about the incident and the management gave them refund on their movie tickets as compensation.
Besides that, Chin was sent to a hospital to receive an anti-tetanus injection. Chin’s family was told o send the medical bill to GAS and GAS will be responsible on the payment of medical bill. Chin claimed that she could not leave the hospital without the dressing and anti-tetanus Jab. She is a regular GAS patron and the rat bitten incident truly disappointed her. She Is a huge movie fan and writing film reviews is one of her hobbles. Public health and safety Is paramount. Chin hopes that GAS would take this Issue serious to clean up all the cinema halls before more people get hurt.

Rat bites are dangerous as their saliva or mucus is deadly, as lethal as their urine. (Chin, 2014) Rat bites may be swallow or deep. Healthy rats typically avoid people and prefer to be active when buildings are quiet. However, the saliva of some species of rats carries hazardous diseases, such as Lepidopterist and Hatcheries. In rare cases, rat bite victims may contract rat-bite fever. Therefore, we can see that rat bite can bring extreme harm to human health. This kind of problem does not only affect the publics health and safety, but it will sabotage sac’s reputation as well.
Thus, GAS should do some preventive measures before another similar incident happens to the public again. GAS had publicly extended their sincere apologies for any inconvenience brought on their Backbone page regarding the rat bitten Incident. (Appendix II) They assure that pest control management Is part of Sac’s standard practice as they take the comfort of their customers very seriously. They had been working with the relevant experts and parties on the matter. Prohibition of outside food of no outside food is allowed in its theatre.
Customers’ dissatisfaction and disappointment were implied from their comments on the internet questioning whether they actually have the right or is it ethical to do so. Just as similar with most of the complaints found, Ms. Mash (a professional writer) described her unhappy experience in her blob of being stopped at the movie hall’s entrance because of her intention to bring in outside food. She was told that she is not allowed to go in with those foods on hand, and she was being treated in an impolite manner. It is not surprising that many movie theatres everywhere have this kind of restriction.
Concessions are one of their biggest revenue streams, says Richard McKenzie, an economics professor at the University of California at Irvine. He mentioned that theatres have no choice but must share their income from ticket sales with film distributors and studios, while snacks and sodas have a higher profit margin to them. In the early days of cinema, theatre owners actually discouraged snack consumption in the movie hall, feeling it clashed with the elegant atmosphere they were trying to create. Movie theatres began selling refreshments to boost revenue in the late sass’s when snacks became an even more important source of profit.

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