Juvenile Justice System and Procedures Discussions are due 09/20/[email protected] 1200 noon

Discussion 1)  Read the article Growing Up Locked Up and view the video Kids Behind Bars (or a longer video Stickup Kid). Then, go the web page Should Teens be Tried as Adults. Read the stories of each of the four juveniles. Finally, looking back at Discussions 2, 4, 7 and 8. Present mitigating factors for each the four (4) teens [in the PBS Frontline article] that would support each one remaining in juvenile court. Please provide specific reasons for each juvenile. 

Discussion 4) For this week’s discussion consider that the vast majority of inmates now serving time in prisons will be released from custody at some point. That said, what can the corrections component of the criminal justice system do to prepare these inmates for reintegration?  

Discussion 2)    How does “Teen Court,” sometimes referred to as “peer” or “youth” court work? What are the pros and cons? Please explore the Pima County Teen Court website. Can teens do it better? How do you see teen courts making an impact in a community? Please investigate to find if there is one in your state or a neighboring state. How is it administered and what has the impact been for the community? 

Discussion 3) There is no single nationwide juvenile court system; there are 51 state systems (including the District of Columbia). Therefore, the purpose and scope of juvenile courts can vary. Please review the State Juvenile Justice Profiles and compare at least 2 states with the Purpose Clause of your home state (for a total of 3). Next, review the three (3) states you compared with the Data Snapshot of Youth Incarceration. Do you see any parallels in the purpose clauses and the number of young people incarcerated? What are your thoughts? 

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