Julia Roberts In Film ‘Erin Brockovich’

I have to start this out by saying that Julia Roberts is one of my favorite female actors around today. This particular movie that she is in, Erin Bronchi, is when Julia Roberts was In her prime Erin has been divorced twice and is a gorgeous mother of three In her thirties. Erin starts out Jobless and In a very messy court case the resulted from an unclear car accident. The accident put her $17,000 In debt due to her hospital bills and of course the car.
Due to Rein’s current circumstances, she is desperate for a job so she begs her lawyer until he finally caves in and gives her a low paying job as a lawful associate in a California firm. Erin dresses very trashy and she speaks her mind, which is actually quite inappropriate at times. But none the less, one day at work she was sorting paperwork relating to real estate cases, Erin stumbles on to some medical records in a file that she was organizing.
On the spur of the moment, she carries out a little exploring which results In her believing that the and that was bought by Pacific Gas and Electric is the identical property that had hexameter chromium contamination resulting from Pacific Gas and Electrics environmentally negligent activities. Hexameter chromium is a toxic and deadly chemical that causes cancer. If you think that’s bad it gets worse by targeting the kidneys, eyes respiratory system, skin and liver. It Is estimated that 558,000 workers are potentially exposed to hexameter chromium In the united States.

To make matters even worse, the Pacific Gas and Electric company was handing out pamphlets hat said that hexameter chromium was healthy for you. After all of these discoveries, the Pacific Gas and Electric company was immediately taken to trial. Due to Rein’s curiosity, she decides to take trip to do some investigating on her discovery for an entire week. She only left a message to her lawyer saying that she wasn’t going to make It work for a week and then left without a response. On her arrival back to town and back to her Job, she learns quickly that she has been fired to her lack of communication.
Being the outgoing person that Erin is, she threw a tornado of wears and profound language, making her boss even more upset. Eventually though as the evidence piles up, boss starts to believe that she is on to something and starts to work with her again. Once they got enough supporting evidence they took it to the judge and to make matters even worse, they found that the Pacific Gas and Electric company was handing out pamphlets that said that hexameter chromium was healthy for you. After all of these discoveries, the Pacific Gas and Electric companies Coo’s and head guys were immediately taken to trial.
This case at his has point become everything to Erin and not to mention Deed Massy her boss. They are literally working night and day on this case causing Erin to lose touch with her kids and her caring boyfriend. As the days go on and the more that Erin continues to be distant from her kids, the more her oldest child started to despise her. She his mother (Erin), he Just so happened to come across the documents for the Pacific Gas and Electric company that talk about a child around the same age as him that is very ill.
He knows that all of his moms work can aid this poor kid. He then asked his other about what he had found and she pleasantly explains it too him. Upon realization, Rein’s son finally understands the importance of her work. Erin is not pleased when she finds out that Deed has brought a new partner into the equation, Kurt Potter, an expert in toxic cases. This anger didn’t last long once Deed bought Erin a new car for her family. This Just boosted her hopes. At this point they were about two hundred and fifty signatures short.
Once they got the remaining signatures needed it was time to present Kurt with the good news along with incriminating letters from he Pacific Gas and Electric company to the Hinkler plant. Rein’s work has finally paid off. She took this court case all the way to the Judicial branch where her firm gets to win one of the most prevalent class action lawsuits in American history in opposition to a multi-billion dollar corporation. Rein’s case ended up winning three hundred and thirty-three million dollars. The Sense’s (a family infected with the disease got to receive five million dollars.
In the end, Deed decides to give Erin a little scare by saying hat the value that they discussed Erin would receive from this case is not appropriate anymore. Erin is furious at this point until Deed goes on to show her the check for two million dollars! This movie was very inspirational to me. This beautiful mother who starts out begging for mercy works all the way up to win one of the biggest lawsuits for her firm. Erin is unbelievable and not to mention that she didn’t even go to college. She Just kept fighting and fighting even though she knew it was putting stress on the people she cared most about. The passion this woman shows is remarkable.

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