Journey Humanities

Journey Humanities.
Celeste Mompremier
Professor Watts

September 25, 2018
Flynn, Brenda. Journey. 2002. Mosaic tile on fiberglass armature.
My overall museum experience was amazing. Since its been eight years since I have been to a museum, it was kind of new to me. But seeing all of the beautiful sculptures just blew me away. I was amazed by how much time and effort these people put in making such perfect artwork.
I was also impressed by all the gifts these people have in making sculptures. I would definitely not have any talent in making these sculptures, that’s for sure. I really enjoyed eyeing these sculptures in real life. I think that there are advantages in seeing art in real life because I believe that you get a much better understanding of art by seeing it in-person. Also, it can make you think more about the true meaning of art.
I think that museums are relevant places to study humanities because they help us learn more about human culture. Museums help us grasp our attention more on our human history. We end up understanding our culture more. Also, it’s fun to learn about art. Museums are important in understanding our culture because they help our newer generation learn about our history. No matter what, history should always be remembered and never forgotten.
I also think that people of different backgrounds can learn better at museums because of the artwork from our ancestors of the same heritage. I think that the difference between something authentic and a copy is possibly the texture. I feel like that actual artist put so much care and time and effort in his or her artwork. But the other artist, although he or she did work hard on the copy, did not put as much care and effort as the original artwork.
They just tried to make it look as much like the original as possible. Also, nobody can ever make the exact same texture as the original. I feel like the original artwork would have a more smoother texture than the replica. I would rather see the original artwork than the replica because I believe that the original would have more meaning than the replica.
The authentic artwork has a much larger purpose than a replica. Original is unique that is irreplaceable. It’s more powerful to see the original because you can interpret the message that the artist is saying. With a replica all you can interpret is how much they wanted to mirror the original. With a replica there is no purpose or meaning.
If I were a part of the Monuments Men task force, then the sculpture that I would have saved and chosen is a colorful horse made of mosaic tile on fiberglass. My artwork is named Journey. This sculpture is created by Brenda Flynn. I chose this piece of artwork because it just captivated me. I also feel like this sculpture is has a rarity in it that makes it unique. This horse isn’t your usual horse that is drawn like a regular horse that has fur. This horse’s mosaic tile on fiberglass just makes it rare and captivating. Also its just so creative that someone would think outside the box by creating a three-dimensional horse full of multicolored mosaic tile. This sculpture would most definitely be something worth saving.
I think that the artist’s purpose on making this sculpture is she is trying to promote individualism because this is not your usual horse. This horse is colorful. She’s trying to express that it’s ok to be different. That different is beautiful. Also that you do not have to be like everybody else. Its vivid colors lead me to suspect that its expressing that our world is full of different cultures, fashion, etc. And that the title Journey is expressing travelling all around the world.
The colors also express this earth because we have so many states and countries that have different cultures, beliefs, values, and religion. The horse also expresses travelling in a way because she’s bringing back how people used to ride horses to get from place to place. The theme is travelling and expressing yourself. I know this because of the colors of our world of different ways of living. I find that this sculpture means to always live life to the fullest, because life itself is short. Not to mention that there are so many places to see, to where the artist is encouraging travelling.
Honestly, as soon as I saw this sculpture, I was immediately awestruck by the artwork. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything so beautiful in my life. I said to myself that I had to absolutely make my museum paper about this magnificent sculpture. It’s such a stunning piece of art. The reason why I liked the piece is because I felt a connection with this sculpture. I loved the message it brought out. Where its alright to live your life to the fullest by taking every journey that knocks at your door.
With the mosaic tile shimmering with all kinds of colors of every culture. This piece makes me see that in life, it’s important to take certain journeys throughout your life because you might find just what you’re looking for. I believe that it does have a strong message because life is so beautiful, don’t waste it all in one place. The sculpture isn’t named Journey for nothing. I believe that everything in this artwork has a purpose.
The media of this sculpture is multicolored mosaic tile and fiberglass. This sculpture is actually a mixed media, because of its mosaic tile and fiberglass. The fiberglass looks like it’s of a grey color, while the mosaic tile is multi-colored. The fiberglass is also carved with pieces of mosaic glass covered around it.
The technique of this sculpture is that the fiberglass is carved out to give it its unique horse-like shape. Also the way these people managed to put all of that mosaic glass glued around it without messing it up is absolute pure talent. I think that the mixed media enhances the meaning because of the fact that the fiberglass of the sculpture is shaped like a horse, and the fact that it is named Journey, it is inspiring others to travel the world.
Also because it’s a different looking horse, that it’s ok to be different. The multicolored mosaic tile also expresses how different and beautiful our cultures are, and how important it is to experience everything in the world. I strongly believe that the new material is superior to the traditional media because mosaic tile is usually used for walls, ceilings, etc. After all, the textbook has stated that when we engage with two-dimensional works of art at a more technical level, we begin to notice things about the work’s medium.
It also states that one of the choices is the work’s medium, which gives it its fundamental characteristics. (pg.30) It’s saying that whatever tool the artist uses to create the sculpture, they gave it its true meaning. Mosaic tile is very unique in a sculpture because nobody usually uses that for sculptures. The most common media usually used for work is paint.
One of the principles of this artwork is pattern. I say pattern because the way the swirls of the horse interact with each other. This sculpture is just filled with swirls of different colors. Also apart from the swirls, this artwork has a lot of circles of different colors surrounding the swirls. The artist brought out the mosaic tile by putting them in different shapes and colors. The swirls of the mosaic tile make it look like a purse. It’s one after another perfectly placed together. How does this artist manage to make the shapes so perfectly proportionate with each other from head to toe? That is beyond me. The swirls spread out a message of creativity.
One of the elements of this artwork is color. I say color because of the fact that this sculpture does not focus on just one color, but many. Red, green, white, yellow, orange, etc. All blended together in one beautiful horse. The colors express individualism. This sculpture expresses how beautiful color is. I am so glad that the artist created the sculpture the way she did. This art sculpture expresses shape as one of its elements because of the fact that it is shaped like a horse.
The sculpture provides such a beautiful horse. I also believe that another one of the sculpture’s elements is good texture because of the mosaic tile and fiberglass. The texture is emphasized in great details of the smooth feel of the mosaic tile. The texture has a smooth feel to the touch. The texture has such a brilliant finish.
Another one of the principles of the sculpture is emphasis, because this artwork is put out with such importance to where it is the most valuable of them all to be saved. This sculpture is saying a message that is crying for attention. The mosaic tile especially on the horse, since it’s unreal to have a horse that is covered with anything other than fur, is brought out to the viewer’s attention. The mosaic tile is the focal point because it’s unique. This is the best sculpture because it stands out.
Also, another one of the principles of this sculpture is rhythm because the pattern of the mosaic tile is different with the different colors of the mosaic tile, but yet the routine is repeated that it’s all around the horse. The repetition goes on the same way. The arrangement is put out like the mosaic tile in the same streak but different patterns and colors.
The patters go between being multicolored to being all in swirls.
Another one of the elements of this sculpture is form because it is a three-dimensional horse. The form is trying to tell us a story about this artwork. The form gives this art such a descriptive nature of taking journeys in our lives. The form gives this sculpture a purpose of taking chances in life.
I do believe that this artwork is a cultural value because this sculpture could have easily been from another country because it’s just so rare and sacred. This mosaic glass horse is not what you see everyday. The main thing that cries out that it is culturally valued is that it is named Journey, and that it’s multicolored with different patterns. The colors and patterns read out all of our different cultures and values that exist in this earth.
I think that the value of this artwork in today’s society would probably be a little irrelevant because in my opinion, art has declined in value. People in todays generation in general don’t seem to appreciate art anywhere near as much as people in previous generations. So I am not disagreeing because of my sculpture, I am just disagreeing because art regardless has declined with a sudden increase in technology. Art has lost its value and excitement it once had for human beings.
No, I don’t think that the artwork’s message will become relevant in the future, but not in the way that you think. As I said before, I just think that all art has lost its value in todays world and people lost interest so therefore, I think that all recognition in art will decrease from this point forward. I absolutely love the message the artwork is trying to portray, but I know deep down in my heart that art no longer has the same values the way they did in previous centuries and generations.
Yes, I feel that the Monuments Men risking their lives for art was a worthwhile endeavor because as much as I would never die for art, I loved the fact that they were standing up for what they believed in. And also, they would not give up no matter what. They would do anything to get to it rain or shine, and life or death. They knew that the artwork would eventually increase in value in culture overtime, so they wanted to make sure that the art was spared, regardless of what would have happened to them.
I would never do the same because I don’t feel for myself that it’s worth dying for art. For people that you care about, that’s another story. But for artwork, it would depend on how much that piece meant to you. For me, if I were to choose art or myself, I think that I would be a little bit selfish and choose myself. Artwork is not replaceable, but you can build something at least close to it. But human life cannot be reconstructed. No one can ever create another you.

Journey Humanities

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