Journal on Experience as a counselor

Journal on Experience as a counselor

Hardly any issues could defeat hope during my working days until last week. The day started well until we received the news that left us flabbergasted. We learned we were short of staff as we had lost a great counselor. Mrs. Cooper was an extraordinary counselor who knew her customers well and what they needed. She would go over and beyond to fulfill her customers’ needs, ensuring satisfaction. It isn’t easy to employ staff new to the system in most organizations. Two main reasons why it is difficult are: One, it is expensive to hire. Two, finding the right people to hire is hard, hence promoting staff with Experience and knowledge of the system. Therefore, the employee fit for the position is promoted; Mrs. Cooper retired from counseling and then assumed the supervisor position.

Serving as a supervisor, she had to discontinue all her previous roles, whereby she had 100 cases to be shared among the rest of the employees. Due to these changes, we encountered rude staff. Hence the cases had to be shared with inexperienced counselors like me. From where I stand, I have a workload of issues that I do not know how to tackle, and I feel like no one cares. A horrible feeling, that is! Since the changes occurred at the workplace, I am speaking with my therapist as I have sleep deprivation. I am also frequently meeting with my lead counselor, who helps me understand all the roles and cases I have been assigned. I am also seeking outside support to help tackle the issues with courage. With all the help, I believe I will grow mentally and solve problems in the future.

From this experience, I learned that we should always be ready to enroll in higher duties and perform tasks we have no experience with. We should also quit comfort and strive to learn roles performed by the high-ups. The Experience was an important insight because it allowed me to grow mentally and develop new ideas and strategies for tackling complex tasks. I have applied previously learned knowledge in this internship, and my skills have greatly improved. Further, I feel confident about the work, and I will not be afraid of failure in the future. Ultimately, like Mrs. Cooper, a great counselor works well with the team and clients. One should have excellent relationships with customers and be committed to supporting teammates. Additionally, one should be positively willing to engage in new challenges.

My main goal is to attain as much experience as possible and better understand how I will take up my future role as a counselor. In the future, I will not overlook any skill’s importance and will take all tasks assigned with courage. For me to grow in my roles, I will seek support as well as assist my team. In case of any difficulty, I will keep trying and never give up till I attain the expected goals. I will also ensure flexibility in all tasks and adapt when things change. As a great rehabilitation counselor, I will ensure I understand my clients to fulfill their needs.

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