ITM 524 _4

  Case 4 
While some refer to Web 2.0 as jargon, it has come to symbolize the sharing economy and the ability of people and businesses to interact with each other, forming virtual relationships. These virtual relationships include social media, blogs, youtube, and mashups but also affects how the firms conduct business with their customers. Features across these applications are starting to converge, making the transition from one media to another seamless.
Review the cluetrain manifesto
Discuss how this manifesto is driving Web 2.0 applications and what you see next for these applications.
Discuss how this manifesto is driving Web 2.0 applications and what you see next for these applications.Discuss carefully the dimensions of the manifesto. Then provide extensions and applications you see emerging from these extensions.  What new apps do you envision?

Assignment Expectations
It is expected that you will discuss the cluetrain manifesto and how it is determining what you see in 
Web 2.0 applications. Provide a discussion of the dimensions of the manifesto. Based on your observations, 
discuss new apps that you may see emerge from this manifesto. 
This should take 3 to 4 pages.

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