Issues or challenges that the leaders of today’s healthcare

Issues or challenges that the leaders of today’s healthcare organizations face. Industry and organizational change are necessary for organizations and professions to remain relevant and serve the external environment well. The health industry is no different when it comes to change except for one key aspect—the speed and volume of change in the health industry have been defined as “white water change”—that is, changes that come fast and with great volume. The health industry has gone through vast changes and continues to change at a staggering pace, since the passing of the Social Security Amendments (Titles 18 and 19) that instituted Medicare and Medicaid in the mid-1960s.

Issues or challenges

Today’s health organizations are trying to successfully navigate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), value-based purchasing, community health needs assessment, transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding systems, electronic health records, meaningful use criteria, and the like. In order for organizations to successfully navigate change while continually improving health outcomes within the communities they serve, leadership at multiple levels of the industry and within the organization is critical.

 Staff Shortage (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, Ancillary Services)
2. Reorganization in Response to Merger or Consolidation of Services
3. Layoffs as a Result of Declining Revenues
4. Influx of Registry, Part-Time, and Temporary Contract Staff
5. Poor Performance Outcomes Leading to a Reduction in Medicare 
Reimbursement Dollars
6. Poor Job Satisfaction Rates Resulting in Turnover

You are the manager of an ancillary service department at a large, 500+ bed hospital. Develop a proposal (750 words) that is directed toward your staff, in which you address the following:

1. Inform the staff of the two issues (from the topics provided) your organization is facing.
2. Describe the impact of these issues on your department.
3. Describe how improved communication, collaboration, and teamwork can improve conditions in your department.
4. Identify at least two examples from the required or recommended readings of techniques found to foster inclusion and improve communication and collaboration.

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