Issues faced by womans

The whole situation in todays women orld leads to some basic questions. Do women feel insecure, unhappy and dissatisfied more than their predecessors? Why are they confused about women’s role and position in modern society? Is employment making women economically strong. but socially and emotionally broken? what can be done to empower women? Is there any mld-way, which could make women secure, aware, confident and happy without disturbing the familial peace and social harmony? 1 . Why women are relegated to secondary position? Women comprise of 50% of the world population.
It is an anomaly that though they possess diverse capabilities and are of valuable service in various nation-building activities, they had been relegated to secondary posltlon till very recent past by the modern society. why? Is It because they belong to weaker sex? or they are Incapable or Incompetent? Nay, It Is not so. 2. It is apolnt to ponder why modern women Is still Insecure and unhappy, despite attaining so much success in almost every sphere of modern world. Women have played multiple roles in life and in each role their performance is par excellence. Still
Women-folk have to suffer innuendo physical and emotional problems despite of all the changes and developments happened In the modern women’s world, The position of women In real life Is sull far from satisfactory. There Is still a deep entrenched discrimination against them almost in every walk of life. It crosses all the borders, age of region, caste, class or community. 3. Why is she confused about what her role should be in real-life? 4. women In Eastern world 5. The eastern world, especially nations in Asla are still struggling to give to Its women their rightful place.

Problems of high female mortality rate, sexual arassment, deaths during childbirths still exist there. There are millions of women who have go through sexual harassment, domestic violence, discrimination, abuse or are denied ot pleasures ot lite because ot their gender. Their problems are deeply Ingrained In the history, laws and cultures of complex and sophisticated Aslan societies. Why Indian women feel insecure In general? Generally women suffer deprivation, discrimination, humiliation and denial of basic human rights in varying degrees at some point or the other.
Discrimination against them is at every stage ot lite and every where. It may be a girl child, a married woman, a single woman, a working woman, refugees or women belonging to lower, middle or upper strata of society. In India, women In general form one of the most vulnerable sections of Indian Society. Women are at disadvantage due to: Class oppression due to poverty, Economic dependence on male counterpart, Caste oppression due to inter caste clashes social taboos and Gender oppression Increasing number of crimes.
Reasons for sufferings/insecurity of women-folk are many like – Indifferent attitude – The male-dominated society and callous government usually turns a blind eye to the ender issues. Mr. P. A. Sebastian, Secretary of the Committee for People’s Democratic Rights, says, “Women have to face an uphill task for taking women’s issues as, firstly most people are indifferent to atrocities that do not affect them, it is only a microscopic minority, which reacts. Secondly, the administration and Judiciary are very slow in reaching and taking any kind of measure and sometimes even stall the proceedings. Strains on modern families – A modern woman, when in need, does not find enough support systems to fall back on, which usually her own family used to provide earlier. Due to fast-pace of modern life, busy life-style, lack of time and other constraints on modern families, it has become almost impossible to get earlier kind of emotional or physical support. Many surveys show that a significant number of women leave workforce when they start a family. Maternity is usually seen as a disruption in career.
There is a dramatic decline in the share of women as they move up the hierarchy. Growing intolerance amongst youths – The tolerance level of people is continuously decreasing. Aspirations and ambitions have increased beyond limits. Everybody wishes to touch the sky with least effort and with no loss of time. Failure in achieving one’s targets due to one reason or the other, make a person intolerant and angry. Liberal ‘divorce’ laws – In metros and modern families, marriages are no more considered to be a lifelong commitment.
Intolerance amongst youth is increasing. A woman can not be sure due to lack of mutual understanding, how long her marriage will last. It does not take much time or effort for both the couple to walk out. A little bit of intolerance or misunderstanding puts her married status in danger and compels her to cope up with all kinds of problems and difficult situations single- handedly. Adversities of life arising out of economic, social, psychological and environmental situations hit women’s world worst.
During times of war, struggle, unstable economy, natural calamities and infghting amongst various sections of society or inter-group or intra-group clashes, women along-with children are the primary victims and are worst hit. At times in an attempt to safeguard/uphold their independence/authority within the family or at working place, some women become insensitive, narrow minded and sometimes ruthless. Too much of assertion of their independence or authority create complications in their own life and in others’ lives s well, which ultimately develop insecurity in women’ s minds.
Government of India has made some draconion laws in favour of women with an intention to protect them from violence and discrimination. Instead of gaining the sympathy of society or the opposite sex, they have earned the wrath/ire of menfolk and the society. Such laws are being misused by some shrewd women to teach men/society a lesson. Male members or his relatives can not even raise their voice against the misuse of such legislations. Government’s inefficiency/failure to implement honestly and sincerely the laws passed to protect the interests of women.

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