ISMIS Online Enrollment USC Cebu

University of San Carols, one of the oldest schools in the Philippines, has experienced a drastic change when it decided to adjust to the modern world run by technology. Manual and traditional enrollment meant students having to go to the campus early to get the schedule they desire to be enrolled in. Long lines of eager students barricading the offices didn’t mean proper order in the enrollment system but this was slowly accepted by those who really wished to enroll.
The drastic change came when students and faculty of the school decided to adapt to technology by creating a database system which loud allow students to check their grades, assessment, enrollment processes and even the library system from their own homes. With a stable internet connection, any student can connect to the school by entering their ID numbers and passwords.
A question arises, though, as to why the proponents chose this topic when the database system called ‘Integrated School Management Information System (ISMS)” received good reviews and is functioning fairly well. The reason is, “functioning fairly well” does not apply to every part of the system. The flaw comes out in the specific function called he “Online Enrollment. ” The importance of this study is to figure out how ISMS users are satisfied with the performance of this database system.

During enrollment season, Carolinians (students of the university) voice out issues about the ISMS not functioning and delaying their chances of getting good courses and practical time schedules. Students cite their sentiments through social networking sites which is why there is not much they can do about it. This study aims to find samples from the student population regarding their satisfaction/dissatisfaction on ISMS. Would they prefer the traditional lining-up-and-filling-up-forms type of enrollment?